Monday, August 29, 2011


It's been almost a year since I was married to "Boar" by Gianmaria Buccelatti and I fully expected today to write a gushing description of my artistic attraction to this superbly crafted silver sculpture. I had planned to write a fascinated account of how each little hair on Boar's belly was somehow made to look lifelike in a sculptural medium that's generally used for jewelery and utensils. But that will not be happening today.

This is because I've just come to find out that I've been married to a porcine polygamist.

"Boar" appears to be the only ART / LIFE partner with TWO LIFE PARTNERS:



I suppose I can understand being attracted to other people. It's only natural. What really hurts is just knowing that my love isn't enough for this hairy harlot. The lies. The deception. The pain. It's all a bit much right now. Perhaps I can write a bit more when I've recovered from this horrendous shock of the new.