Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So sorry my love

Dearest please forgive me for letting life get in the way of us spending time together. It's one of the personality issues I should have discussed with you before we wed. I promise to stop letting chores, work and due dates get in the way of us re-connecting and taking our relationship to another level. You are always in my thoughts and dreams and I must do better to make you a higher priority. As I think back to when we first met I still remember how you took my breath away. I was toally smitten and spent more time with you than seemed appropriate for a first meeting. But your energy just pulled me in, never to leave me quite the same. Your quiet intensity is but one quality that peeked my curiosity and let me know you were the one for me. Each time I see your image and recall that first sighting I realize that you re truly one of the greatest additions to my life. So real, so present, always waiting patiently for my return. I can only imagine the other suitors who have come your way in my absence, but respect you more for waiting patiently for my return. I will be there very soon my love.

All my love, Scott

Friday, January 21, 2011

Rue, It's Me and You

Rue, I think we both know why I chose you.  There is really no reason to be coy.  I find you incredibly sexy.  You've got that brooding nature braided to your light side - you know that bright, internal eternal- you could put out the sun's eye.  I know, I've been avoiding writing to you, stealing glimpses of you as I walk quickly down the hallway back and forth to my office day after day.  I feel guilty about that, I get to call all the shots, you never can find me it is always me who is finding you.  But you also never tried to find me.  You never asked to be loved.  I guess I knew with you it would be this way.  You would be you and there would be no changing that.  It would be me who would change.  I liked that idea.   That you would never get old, though you are 19 years older than me now.  I wanted to marry you in your prime because of the primal part of you.  So I did. And the thing is I haven't known how to say this, but now I have and I intend to write to you more often.  It is the first love letter and this feels strangely cathartic. I think I could do this again.

Monday, January 17, 2011

ART/LIFE PARTNERS: Kimi Westermann + In Between by Darren Waterston

ART/LIFE PARTNERS: Kimi Westermann + In Between by Darren Waterston

The powers-that-be are threatening to annul my partnership if I don't post a blog, so here it is. I do visit my partner regularly; both before and after our marriage. But, I have no desire/time/interest in writing about our powerful bond for the world. Sorry! Just don't annul us; you don't understand us.

Newlywed Life with Bhudda

On the night of 10.15.10, we headed down to the Portland Art Museum hoping to get hitched to art. Within minutes of searching, I found my Art/Life Partner: a fifth century Chinese Bhudda head that immediately captured my attention with those divine eyes. Still, I like to know all my options and subsequently surveyed each museum floor, only to return back to the beginning with Bhudda. By that time, my real life partner, Bunny, was on board, too. Having married herself in a separate project earlier that day, this was her second ceremony as the good Rev. Ariana wedded us into a 1-year nuptial commitment with Art/Bhudda/Life.

And then a door opened. Being raised agnostic, I was neither attracted nor repelled by religion. Still, I am completely fascinated by strange coincidences and hold a strong belief in being guided by spirit. Several weeks, after our Art/Life marriage, Bunny asked,

"Since our night at the art museum, have you been noticing connections to Bhudda like I have?"

"No," I responded, "but maybe I should raise my awareness."

A few days later, she was in the midst of a rough spell, so I suggested a visit to the Japanese Garden with the kids to be get inspired by the Zen vibe and Fall foliage. En route to the garden, we stopped at a stranger's house who was selling an unusual commuter bike - a no-brainer for only 40 bucks. Moments after the test ride, we stepped into an antique store down the block and unexpectedly entered a showroom full of Chinese Bhuddas. Suddenly everything seemed sacred.



A sculpture and raked garden titled, Bhudda Herding Cats.

Lilly immersed in a silk screen installation.

Thanks to Lilly, Bhudda joined us for a holiday 'honeymoon' to Maui. While visiting a friend, she commented on the spines of a book series that collectively completes a head. Turns out that these Tezuka graphic novels depict a fictional life of Bhudda. We promptly reserved the series from the library and they arrived a couple days prior to our vacation. Perfect timing since Lilly, age 7, very recently dove into the joy of reading. The graphic novel completely captured her attention and she finished the last book (over 1,000 pages!) on our return flight home.

I was reading the series in Maui, too, and at one point, several of the characters describe our innate connection to nature and a divine ability for some to mind-meld with animals. The next day, we were playing at a beach, when a big, beautiful macaw swooped over us and then landed into the yard of a private home. Lilly followed its flight path and engaged in a conversation with the resident. Turns out that he had lived next door for many years with a Bhuddist monk who passed away. Shortly after, the macaw arrived and started living under his shelter. And soon after that, a mutual friend told him a promise from the monk, "After dying, I will return as a bird to continue teaching to my disciples." The macaw has continued to reside with him for the last 7 years.

Our newlywed life with Bhudda is brimming with sacred art, strange coincidences and spiritual connection to nature.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Marriage countdown

I had 5 minutes to pick out the art I'd marry before the cut-off time on October 15th. Up the first set of stairs I found my match. To be life partners with anything by Calder gives me a thrill. It was the tiniest Calder mobile I'd ever seen and it was perfect. I've no idea why it's set in this hall, the lone mobile amongst a mass of paintings. Great basis for a relationship full of discovery.