Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So sorry my love

Dearest please forgive me for letting life get in the way of us spending time together. It's one of the personality issues I should have discussed with you before we wed. I promise to stop letting chores, work and due dates get in the way of us re-connecting and taking our relationship to another level. You are always in my thoughts and dreams and I must do better to make you a higher priority. As I think back to when we first met I still remember how you took my breath away. I was toally smitten and spent more time with you than seemed appropriate for a first meeting. But your energy just pulled me in, never to leave me quite the same. Your quiet intensity is but one quality that peeked my curiosity and let me know you were the one for me. Each time I see your image and recall that first sighting I realize that you re truly one of the greatest additions to my life. So real, so present, always waiting patiently for my return. I can only imagine the other suitors who have come your way in my absence, but respect you more for waiting patiently for my return. I will be there very soon my love.

All my love, Scott

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