Friday, January 21, 2011

Rue, It's Me and You

Rue, I think we both know why I chose you.  There is really no reason to be coy.  I find you incredibly sexy.  You've got that brooding nature braided to your light side - you know that bright, internal eternal- you could put out the sun's eye.  I know, I've been avoiding writing to you, stealing glimpses of you as I walk quickly down the hallway back and forth to my office day after day.  I feel guilty about that, I get to call all the shots, you never can find me it is always me who is finding you.  But you also never tried to find me.  You never asked to be loved.  I guess I knew with you it would be this way.  You would be you and there would be no changing that.  It would be me who would change.  I liked that idea.   That you would never get old, though you are 19 years older than me now.  I wanted to marry you in your prime because of the primal part of you.  So I did. And the thing is I haven't known how to say this, but now I have and I intend to write to you more often.  It is the first love letter and this feels strangely cathartic. I think I could do this again.

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