Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stephanie Parrish + Western Motel by Edward and Nancy Kienholz

Sonnet to a "Western Motel "

By Margaret Kieweg, Portland Art Museum Docent

In honor of the art/life partner-commitment made by Stephanie Parrish on October 15, 2010

Art thou a lovely work of art?
Entombed within museum walls
How capture thus a maiden's heart
While yet thou makest my skin crawl!

The dirt and grime are shine enshrined
Old shoes or slippers over used
Alas the ice cream smears are primed
Liquor bottles strewn, confused

The soft red neon makes the plea
A vacancy is there within
My heart is cold, desires to flee
Or grab a mop, paint brush and bin.

Despite my own reluctant dread
She makes her vow, “Motel” to wed.

1 comment:

  1. Watching through the glass
    I see people come and go
    No one notices my eyes
    Piercing their souls