Sunday, February 6, 2011

A history of Dying Gaul

Its quite amazing when one takes the time to put the busyness of life to the side and learn about their beloved. I was astonished and amazed at the long history of Dying Gaul. Go here to read more
I am humbled to know that the original statue is one of the most celebrated works to survive the antiquity.

It was murmured,

On a cold, crimson-colored night,

When the pyres burned hot and the echo of iron was long diminished,

That you fought with a titan’s frenzy

And passed on with quiet dignity

But mockery laced the accolades

Why, it was wondered, would a man shirk his shell,

Refuse his greaves, his breastplate, his helmet.

Did madness drive the purity of your ferocity?

Did sanity remain at the hearth, a tender recollection for a woman or child now enslaved?

It is said, when Achilles’ joy rested in your belly

When warm scarlet met earthen blue

That yours was not the face of one indignant

Rather perplexed



Had you too been dipped in the River Styx?

Had pagan rites portended heraclean vigor to you and your clan?

Or perhaps the promise to an infant was enough you thought

To ensure the triumph of your race

Hellenic iron though, sought a different design

And isn’t it odd?

The assailant, sheathed in jubilance

Glorious in slaughter

Misplaced his glory in but one generation

But you, dying Gaul, live

To die another day.

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