Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Where Am I?"

My beloved has languished a bit in the last few months. I am sorry dear one. I have no excuse, especially since it's a less than five minute walk from my "office" to your "office". Accept my apology? I will do better.

Dearest Western Motel, I wanted to see you today to share a photograph that reminded me of you...and of me...and of our connection to each other. Recently, I came across something of a sidewalk maxim on a journey home from the corner store. I stopped in my tracks to consider its words--"You Aren't Lost You Just Aren't There Yet.” I immediately thought of you, patiently sitting in your rocking chair, waiting for travelers to check in or check out as they make their way along the lonely stretch of highway outside. I thought this phrase, scrawled like a road sign beneath my feet, might resonate for you as it did for me. Whoever took the time to chalk it out is wise beyond their years. Like you, the person who wrote this understands the complex nature of our metaphorical journeys on this planet. Sometimes we find ourselves in the psychological equivalent of your motel lobby, wondering where on earth we are, and where we are headed? While some who come upon you may find little comfort in the seemingly depressing space you carve out for us--ratty, dusty, self-medicated, isolated--I am warmed by your mere presence, and the fact that you are always situated somewhere between the "here's" and the "there's" of my life. Thanks for keeping the light on for all us travelers.

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